How to quilt this quilt.


The maker of this quilt asked my advice on how to quilt it….

It's taken me a while to get back to it, it was hard to do on the road… but here it is and I thought you may be interested…

This is just a suggestion and probably how I would quilt the project., but sometimes I don't know just how I would finish it until I work on it… hence the suggestions.

1. The vertical lines on the  wall paper or the back ground. I would use a thread the same color as the fabric. that way you achieve texture rather than making a new line to look at.

2. I would leave the lighter fabric blank. More texture.

3. Horizontal lines on the cushion probably in the same color as the fabric or just a bit darker…. don't be too fussy… free motion the lines… straight lines look restrictive. Follow the curve of the cushion.

4. His garment is in contrast to the rest of the quilt and the lines of the shadows would look wonderful quilted, but it's important to match the thread to the fabric, just texture… not distraction. the thread on the orange would match that fabric as well… the intense quilting on the shadows add to the bulk of his garment.

5. I would quilt the lower part of the cushion following the horizontal theme. Peace, Calm is represented by horizontal quilting. I wonder what it would like in gold thread?

6. Finally the part we are all scared of, the face. outline the fabric in thread to match the fabric color or mono filament… thread. But don't add any other quilting… this retains the serenity…

Use a 70/10 microtex sharp needle…  try matching the thread in the bobbin to the thread in the top, so you have an exact picture on the back of the quilt…

I use 50 weight masterpiece.

Free motion. Feed dogs up….

Give it a go.

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