Methodical Mania.

I go through the day with methodical mania. It's just a way of checking off the "To do" list, but the past couple of days have been a little different.

On Sunday, my Siblings and I spent the day clearing out our Mothers unit. of course now in her 'resort' she just has one room and trying to go through her 'precious' things was difficult, she just doesn't have the space to store them. It was sad watching her trying to choose which piece of work she  could take.

I'm working through my Mums lifetime of art and creativity. I will
archive it all and put it in special archival boxes with digital images
and descriptions along with the patterns…

There are so many pieces…. sadly many of them are unfinished…

It's the least I can do for the family history.

It adds to the resolve of revamping my personal belongings.



One treasure, is a beautiful 2 foot square Huon pine box made by my Father for Mother to house her collection of DMC threads… she had every thread produced.



I hope one of the relatives take up embroidery in the future.

I also found the books I made for Mum as I traveled… she would share them with her friends and they are basically my blog illustrated with paintings and photos… I don't know why I didn't keep a copy myself… but now I have hers and they can be archived with my journals…


I spent the entire day working on the Rhino yesterday, each tiny piece is special to me and I finish each one completely before going on to the next section.!!!!! I'm getting there…

However, with a visit to the Ear Specialist this afternoon I should have an idea why I have a truck revving in my left ear.

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  1. Would you like me to finish a couple of your mother’s embroideries for you?

  2. Judy B says:

    Hope the ear is soon listening for trucks rather than sounding like one!
    Aren’t Mum’s wonderful. Mine had a full set of my original beginner class notes on her hobby room shelf ….. probably the only student who had kept the lot! Her tutor had tossed most of them, but it is nice to have them on my shelf now. And I have her knitting bag to hand on to the next knitter in the family.
    Jusy B

  3. Jay Zitter says:

    Pam, two short sentences struck a loud chord: It’s the least I can do for the family history. AND: It adds to the resolve of revamping my personal belongings. For Mother’s 90th birthday last year we organized a retrospective at a local church of the almost 200 quilts she had made for family members, bringing them in from all over the country. Afterwards we photographed and documented them for inclusion into the national quilt index sponsored by the Alliance for American Quilts. Mother was both bemused and enchanted by seeing others marvel over her work. She died three weeks ago, but I am content in knowing what we did for Mother and for the family history. And my resolve not to accumulate here at home what I don’t want my children to have to go through is firm. Pam, I love you and your work and follow you faithfully around the world and at home. Stay well.
    Read more:

  4. Hi Pam:
    I opened up the photo with the flower pot in the center and I realized that the colorful “dots” were french knots, Am I correct?. Altough my color palette is brighter and louder (I’m originally from Mexico, can’t help it, it is in my genes) I’m very drawn to this lovely piece. It could be turned into a wonderful quilt.
    I hope your ear issues get resolved. In good health.

  5. Pam says:

    Martha, that’s what it is… tiny little knots…. her patience is amazing.

  6. Glenda Hepburn says:

    Morning Pam, I was sorry to read about your ear problem, any pain in the head stops us dead in our tracks regarding hand work. Thank you soooo much for sharing some of your mums art, it is lovely to see work from another era. My mum was a beautiful embroider & I have a lovely collection of her art which gives me pleasure whenever I use it & my lovely daughter in-law, & granddaughter & son love it too so it will have a home for years to come. Take care Glenda

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