Block 18 is a little different.


I'm going to be away over Easter so this is my Easter block, I'm getting in early and once again, the block is bigger than 6"  it's 17" X 14".

It's a little Folk Art in a way, a bit Fu Fu and I used fabric, wool and felt. If I felt so inclined I could bead it, but I'm not that keen.

Look closely and you can tell I'm not an embroiderer like my mother…. my stitches are clunky.

But it was a 'challenge' once again and I do admit, that I really don't like the last 4 blocks I've done… (including this one)

I think that it's a challenge to get out of my 'box'…. I could do 52 blocks similar and they would all match, I could do 52 blocks in the same genre as well, but that defeats the purpose…

so here is my little whim for Easter. It's up on the design wall and I'm sure I'll add more things over the next week.


How did I make it? well I cheated, I already had the flower and the rabbit on the piece of black felt… I don't even remember why I did it really. I don't even know how old it is… I just found it as I was cleaning out…

I just added the rest of the story in fabric, so no pattern, I just drew it and put it down. I machine blanket stitched it together…

It will be stretched onto canvas so there is no batting in the mustard wool border….

OK, so this technique isn't new to me… I've actually taught wool applique… but I guess that's a phase that's past.

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