How many stitches.?

How many stitches in the small of your back does it take to render you an invalid. 

10… unexpected stitches in the back and 10 in the leg…

The problem is, they won't come out for 3 weeks and I will have to do it myself…!!!

Well the leg will be OK,  the back… interesting.!!

Maybe I could make it a class project.

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  1. Judy B says:

    Ouch! Whatever you did!
    Not a class project I want to be a part of!
    Are they hand or machine, and did they use the correct weight thread?
    Judy B

  2. Pam says:

    good thin thread…. neat stitches…. but I never know how many muscles I had in my back.

  3. Oh Pammy what are you doing to yourself?
    Are you going to send me some of your Mother’s work before you go?

  4. Lisa says:

    What have you done now? Sounds mighty painful. Tell me all…..

  5. Glenda Hepburn says:

    When you did not blog the last couple of days I was worried. Seems like you had a great fall of some kind?????? May be some one is trying to slow you down Pam. But how frustrating when you where right in to the rino?????? Every one will be sending you good fibes so hope you heal as fast as it happened. Cheers Glenda

  6. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Take care that you don’t pull stitches carrying your bags.

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