Month: April 2010

The trials of travel.

It's been a long day today I left Alamogordo NM at 8.30 and I spent most of the day traveling…(that in itself was interesting) Now I'm in a most beautiful suite in Trump Tower in Las Vegas. I've just had spa and I'm finding it hard to stay awake.. Now how did I end up here?…. well, that's a long story too….. I've even got a TV in the mirror in the bathroom' Hm,might think of that for the new house. I've got heaps of work to do, I've been film editing almost all the way here, but I will get up early in the morning to do it… Notes for the next class have been floating around the USA and it's been a little worrying that they hadn't arrived… (well one package did) But…. they arrived today, just in time so I'm mightily relieved. flying over boulder dam.


It's been a busy day today. Armed with a list of "To do's" we met with our amazing team of organizers from the 1st National Bank at the venue of the Quilt Event at the end of June. I can't believe it… it's tailor made for our program. There will be a huge area for the booths to set up… catering booths will be outside with cafeteria eating space under the huge veranda. My classroom is massive and the students will have a lot of space to work. Classes will be longer than normal and there are great incentives for people to take two classes on the first day, they get the dinner as a bonus…. the restaurant is just a hop, skip and jump away. All the money raised will be assisting the youth in the area and with the interest shown to date we hope to make this an annual event. We adjourned to truck stop diner with a reputation for great food…our  lunch was green chili burgers, cornbread and beans. One of …

This weeks Podcast from Alamogordo New Mexico

  Download Thelma and Louise Podcast. Our Thelma and Louise Podcast has just been completed… I guess I'd better explain about the Thelma and Louise bit. Friend Lisa and I took off once on a Thelma and Louise trip a few years ago and we've talked about it ever since. Lisa and I are chatting about the quilt program we're working on at the moment. So Join us over a cuppa. We spent a hilarious morning assembling her new Gym equipment and then we had to try it out…we actually ended up sitting down on the settee ad watching the instructors and then felt we'd done a days exercise. I'm a bit short for the equipment…. well that's my excuse anyway.

Another place.

The secret is OUT, I have a new Ipad… 64gb….Oh my gosh, it's amazing… I can even draw on it. I've been using it for the past 10 days….. I'm writing my book on it, I carry it in my handbag and whip it out in coffee shops to read and write on. Today I arrived in El Paso Texas, I whipped it out with my car reservation and Insurance information. It's better than a piece of paper… because you have the information stored for as long as you want. I left Chicago early this morning, it was cold and windy. As I drove through the city everyone was dressed in suits, women and men…the women in stilettos and fancy handbags and the coffee set were in the cafe's. Now I'm in big sky country, I drove my fancy  dodge charger through the sun kissed country side. At a distance huge snow capped mountains flanked each side of the road. The sky is spectacular with rolling clouds and drifts of grey rain and the radio …