International Quilt Show Chicago.

Photo Gallery

The Url above is the link to some of the photos I've taken at the Chicago show.

You can not download the photos, but you can view them only on my web site.

I was just too tired to do them last night and I have lots more photos, but I need to process them so stay tuned tomorrow.!!!

It's about as good as it gets….


We've had the most amazing time in class. I stand in awe of the students.

Yesterday I also gave the lunch time address and the room was full of enthusiastic quilters, glass chinking, the scrape of the knife and fork, a low buzz of enthusiasm added to the ambiance and then I shared my experiences from 1st quilt to the present…!!!!

Participants at the luncheon came up close and personal with some highly decorated camels. The race began in a flurry of dust and flaying legs and then Robot jockeys with little hats, and patchwork silks bounced on rounded backs around the 10 mile track and we  the viewers followed in four wheel drive amid the noise of the official course broadcaster and the noise of 'hand on horns'…

The music carried the movie to an exciting end.

I had lunch with Kaffe Fassett today and watched in delight as he curated his creativity through form and color, just magical.

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