Chicago Quilt Festival

I'm sitting at my desk, I've thrown open the curtains of the huge window behind me. 


The sunset is warming and comfortable to the eye and I find myself smiling at the recollections of the past week.

As I glance up, resting on a big old cushion in the corner of the room is a piece of paper the organizers gave me when I was about to leave the Teachers room this afternoon.

"We thought you might like to see this"

It was a note from a student and a smiling affirmation that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. It's just one of many and a silent positive link between teacher and student.

I had a later start this morning and began the day sharing breakfast with friend Bonnie and we chatted about filming, working and grandchildren. Good times.

I packed all the goodies into one bag, cameras, computers and quilts and trekked the elevated passageways across busy roads and atop spring blossoming trees. The temperature dropped to freezing last night and I walked quickly to get to the convention center.

The line to purchase tickets was long, winding and there was a buzz of excitement amongst the ranks. Laughter and loud conversation dominated the ambient noise in the foyer.

There is a huge jewelry sale taking place…. clever marketing I think. The quilters got free registration.

I've never seen so much bling in all my life, but I was drawn to some hand made jewelry from Turkey.


Next it was time to work and I took the camera onto the floor to photograph the quilts.

Sadly many of the quilts (those on exhibition from SAQA) are unable to be photographed by the general visitor, but I've added one of Bonnie's videos of the SAQA event in Houston this year. 


This quilt is just magnificent. It is one of the Antique Quilts in the Quilts Inc collection.

I watched several young girls, about 12 years old. They examined each antique quilt in detail. "Which one do you like best" I asked them. One  of the girls with a camera in her hand said, "Oh, I love them all" and she continued photographing them in detail.

How refreshing. In fact, I saw a lot of young people walking the floor and I include young families in that too.



I gave a presentation on the floor, sharing my ideas on quilting illustration and after a very healthy lunch I finished filming and photographing.

This is called a "sloppy Joe" better known as mince on a bun.!!!!

My observation is that the  floor was busy, the crowds were significantly interested and purchasing the goods… or else they had lots of samples…

The previous day I had visited Aizada imports  It was tucked away at the end of the pavilion and I was amazed at the raw beauty of the work. I decided to film it for the Quilt Show and I'm sure you will be as captivated as I am.

The photo below is a rug made from felted wool that is actually quilted and couched by hand. I'll do a little research into it, but I think I might be vising there in the future.


These slippers made by the hand of someone in Kazakhstan are now firmly planted on my feet.

I got back to the hotel about 2.40, I put the slippers on my feet, the case was left unpacked in the middle of the floor and I laid on the bed. At 6.30 I woke in a shock looking at the clock and thinking I had slept through the night. 

It was hard to get off the bed I can assure you.

In summary. The Quilt event was just wonderful. I met some of my students from Mexico, returning students and lots of new friends.

What more can I ask for.

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