Visit to the Art Institute of Chicago.

As an artist, my photography, art and creations with textiles blend into each other, the edges are blurred.

As a child I would spend hours reading art books, looking at the pictures. I loved the colors, I loved the line and I committed them to  memory.

Now as an adult, I like the same things but now I have the ability to do something with that knowledge. Going to an Art Gallery is like walking into a candy store. I don't spend ages looking at a  picture. Like judging a quilt, impact on first viewing is what captures my imagination.

I take photos of the ones I really like and analyze them later.

womens studies

Yesterday I went to the Art Institute of Chicago. It's my fourth visit…but each time I go I find something new.


so in the Gallery, join me on a visit and share in my explanations of what I see in a painting.



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