Another place.

The secret is OUT, I have a new Ipad… 64gb….Oh my gosh, it's amazing…

I can even draw on it.

I've been using it for the past 10 days…..

I'm writing my book on it, I carry it in my handbag and whip it out in coffee shops to read and write on.

Today I arrived in El Paso Texas, I whipped it out with my car reservation and Insurance information. It's better than a piece of paper… because you have the information stored for as long as you want.

I left Chicago early this morning, it was cold and windy.

As I drove through the city everyone was dressed in suits, women and men…the women in stilettos and fancy handbags and the coffee set were in the cafe's.


Now I'm in big sky country, I drove my fancy  dodge charger through the sun kissed country side. At a distance huge snow capped mountains flanked each side of the road. The sky is spectacular with rolling clouds and drifts of grey rain and the radio played very loud country music.



Yesterday I was extremely homesick, today I'm smiling.

I have four really busy days… tomorrow an event to meet folk in Ruidoso, then some media interviews etc… Meet and greet and meetings and time to have fun with my Thelma and Louise friend.

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  1. Dolores says:

    OMG, I really am having a hard time keeping up with you and your travels.
    Have fun and stay healthy.

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