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Download Thelma and Louise Podcast.

Our Thelma and Louise Podcast has just been completed…

I guess I'd better explain about the Thelma and Louise bit. Friend Lisa and I took off once on a Thelma and Louise trip a few years ago and we've talked about it ever since.

Lisa and I are chatting about the quilt program we're working on at the moment.

So Join us over a cuppa.

We spent a hilarious morning assembling her new Gym equipment and then we had to try it out…we actually ended up sitting down on the settee ad watching the instructors and then felt we'd done a days exercise.

I'm a bit short for the equipment…. well that's my excuse anyway.

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    What a lovely time you two have together. I was hoping for a little video clip of you both riding the “horses”. I tried to see if either of you were packing heat. I thought they were the exercise equipment you were talking about. ha

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