A busy day.

It was  a whirlwind of events yesterday.

I woke every hour watching the clock until it hit 5.30, we had to be at the radio station at 7.00.


Spent 30 minutes chatting on the radio and then I decided to have a good breakfast because I wasn't too sure if I would have time for lunch after the presentation.

We went to a super little cafe. It was like walking into a Norman Rockwell picture.

There were a group of men in the older age group, check shirts, braces and hats pushed back at a jaunty angle to show that they had sort of taken them off but they were still on the head of the owner sitting at a long table. They all greeted us with smiles and friendly dialogue.

The special was $3.50 and I couldn't cook eggs, pancakes and sausages for that price.!!!!

About 8 local police arrived, boots sounding loud on the wooden floors and they had heavy belts of menacing policing tools at the ready. They went into a private room to give them privacy to eat.

The presentation went well. I admire the 1st national bank for their commitment to the community. It was held in a huge atrium and the place was full.The crowd is a testament to their hard work.

It appears that our fundraiser will be a success with half the classes full just from the attendees at the presentation.

The next stop, a visit to Year one students at the local school. I almost wanted to cry as their little faces looked up at me. me and they listened intently to the story and then we talked about, Koalas, kangaroos and kookaburras.

One little boy came up  quietly and gently touched my arm. He unfolded his hand and in the palm he had a dried orange pip. "You can have this, it will grow a big orange tree" he said sincerely.

It was a special moment.

I'm not working on a quilt, but there's a huge amount of background work done in between events.

But this year we've made plans to have a little time off after out June event. We'll go camping in the woods for a few days with Lisa's family…. I can't wait.

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