The Ipad


This ad was on the side of the bus shelter in Chicago.

  I've had my Ipad for 10 days now and each day brings new surprises and uses.

First and foremost it is a computer in my handbag, smaller than a file of papers and it contains:-

The book that I'm reading which happens to be "Three cups of tea."

But waiting in the wings I have reference books on quilting which I downloaded free, the history of art and many other reference books.

The Help, by Katherine Stockett. 

Fine, Just the way it is, Annie Proulx

The interface is just like reading a real book, not a typewritten page. The pages flip with reality.

I have over 10.000 photos installed.

I write a personal journal in handwriting and add photos each day.

It stores all my plane tickets, hire car vouchers, accommodation, etc… so does my computer, but that's not in my handbag!!!!

It syncs to my other computers and updates my diary instantly.

Apps in a much larger form, (unavailable on a computer) keep track of everything I'm doing and remind me of up coming appointments just by sending my receipt for travel to a central point.

I can sketch on it, paint on it…listen to digital radio and watch television…. and it's stored  in my handbag.

I was in the bank today and Rainee, my friend showed it to all who ventured through the door.

I've used it every day, in fact when I told the story to the children at school yesterday, the pictures and sound were on the Ipad.!!!!

This is a digitized image of my new slippers created on the Ipad.

I just can't quilt on it, but I'm going to work on that.

Can you tell I'm in love !!!!

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  1. Sally says:

    Partly based on your experience, I ordered an iPad yesterday and can’t wait till it arrives! Loved hearing all the additional things I could use it for (and wouldn’t have thought of) in your post today. Three Cups of Tea inspired me to donate to his program. The Help is the July selection for our book group. Everyone I know who has read it, has thought it wonderful. I love how technology is enhancing our lives and I look forward to your exploration of more quilt related uses. Thanks, Pam!

  2. Pam says:

    Sally, Im sitting in Phoenix airport typing this to you on my iPad.
    I wrote my diary all the way from El Paso, and then read some of may book. I’ve updated my to do notes for tonight and answered importune emails…
    OK, I could do that on my lap top…. (partly) but the apps on the i pad allow me much more flexibility than on my. Computer. I know you will enjoy it,

  3. Pam says:

    Ok I should check the spelling before I send a message !

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