aaaaaaaah, A huge sigh because I'm rather tired and rather tardy. There's been no blog for a few days simply because I was up early, and in rather late ….. and in between….. classes with great people.

And an interesting aside. An app for quilters was born. It was almost finished when I left but we added a new dimension to it… I'll let you know when it's launched.

Quilters Apps.



I think you'll agree, the projects are wonderful.

I stayed with Nedra and Kent who were wonderful hosts. You might like to go to Nedras blog to fill in the missing days activities….Cactus Needle.

I just chatted to Keith at home and I leave here at 4.00 am tomorrow morning so I'm about to retire and it's only 9.00 am.

Once again I have an apartment in Las Vegas… one entire wall is glass and I wish I could take advantage of this fabulous venue….  It's so big I could reside here for a short time

I just pressed a button and a sheer blind descended….woow.

The LV Eiffel tower is just outside the window and the fountains in Bellagio dance to music every half an hour. I was able to share the view with Keith via skype.

Last night we hiked for a few hours after class.

The scenery was breathtaking, we walked high into a mountain of rocks that overlooked a beautiful valley. The sun was setting, it was mild and clear, it's a wonderful place for reflection.

Etched into the rocks were hundreds of petroglyphs.

It was a magical place…whose hands worked on these messages from the past.

I finished the evening having to ride a wooden horse in the restaurant… thank goodness no one had a camera… I was set up folks….!!!

So time to retire and face the long trip home.

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  1. Chris says:

    Those quilts are beautiful! So much colour and movement in them.

  2. Pam says:

    Thanks Chris… yes, they were all just wonderful… I was thrilled with the results.

  3. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Wonderful student quilts. Looks like you had a great time touring with Nedra and I look forwad to seeing what you create from your photos. Safe travels.

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