The Superior School of Threadology.

Do you know what it feels like to have shared your ideas with 28 enthusiastic people for a couple of days. To see amazing creations take shape and to work with enthusiastic people?

Let me tell you, It's pretty darn special. Ladies came from long distances and our hosts Heather and Bob Purcell from Superior Threads have provided the most amazing venue.

It's humbling, exciting, fulfilling and I'm really pleased with the resulting creations.

I was too late, and too tired to post last night and even now it's almost midnight but I've just finished talking on skype to my daughter and Miss Tilly so I thought I should share with my blog friends.

I'm in St George Utah and it's a beautiful place. The town is surrounded by huge red cliffs, the sky is azure blue and it's warm….!!!

Some 30 mile away is the town of Colorado City, the home of the infamous religious leader Warren Jeffs who was jailed some years ago.

Most of that city is populated by a Polygamous fundamentalist society and it was quaint to see women old and young in their full length dresses and distinct hairstyles and the young boys in their long sleeved shirts buttoned at the neck.


THE SUPERIOR SCHOOL OF THREADOLOGY is hosting this event and trust me there will be many more at this wonderful place.

But it's late and I'll add more in the morning.

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