A quiet weeked.

I decided to  treat myself to a couple of days of sheer indulgence, I sat wrapped in a quilt on the settee and watched TV and ate too much.

Goodness, I felt like a slug last night, but I guess the body is rested.

I'm cold…. despite the heaters in the house and the studio… I feel
the cold terribly, each year it gets worse and I sort of feel like
hibernating… that's what happened this weekend.


I've had a frustrating time painting the quilts for the book, I just didn't like them….so I decided to just concentrate on the designing and finishing of the letters.

As far as the Apple tree for the "A" block is concerned, after four or five samples I finally like this apple tree to go into the quilt.

Considering that I've worked on the Apple tree illustration this weekend, I decided to use it as my challenge block for this week…. oooh, how far behind am I.?IMG

At first I added a character in to the trunk of the tree, but it wasn't whimsical enough, he looked a little scary.

So I rubbed him out and created a line drawing.


I think it would look nice as an embroidery…


Now I'm going to quilt it.  How, I don't know…. I just think I'll let it talk to me….!!!

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  1. I love that face in the trunk and the tree.

  2. Pam says:

    I do too, but the face was a bit scary.

  3. peggy says:

    The face in the trunk reminds me of the wood sprits they carve into canes, walking sticks, and odd pieces of wood in the Ozarks, Branson, Missouri area.

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