A new Collage Idea.

As a tutor, I need to update my class samples and I just don't have enough hours in the day… however, preparing notes for the collage class I decided to add another dimension to collage and I played around with this quilt.

I created the image of the zebra on paper and made a pattern.

I wanted it to be really bright and in fact I used a bunch of Thai silk fabrics graduating the colors for the stripes… but it just didn't have enough punch, so I used a graduated fabric and I think it looks great.

I had the background fabric in my stash and it was a fluke that the colors matched… so I didn't really have to add a lot of collage pieces to create a picture.



This is the way it has to stay until I get back… but it's interesting…

I can do some super quilting on the background…..!!!

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  1. Chris John says:

    Love the look of this work Pam. I really like how you have thought outside the box for the zebra. Great choice of fabric.

  2. Musicmaker says:

    It’s exciting!

  3. peggy says:

    Cannot wait to see the quilting. Unquilted it is very nice.

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