Month: June 2010

“Quilting can make a difference – just for the asking.”

It's pre dawn, still dark and everything is quiet, so with little distraction I can now put down in words why  I was unable to express myself last night. There are times in your life where you begin on a journey and you never know where it will end. A commitment to giving my name, time and energy to this community here in New Mexico last year has had a deep affect on me and I'm thrilled with the results. The fabulous organizing group held a pot luck tea last night. We shared ideas and congratulatory dialogue and delicious green chili….. The final wrap up…. goodness, $10,000 was generated,  I could hardly believe it…. and we hope it will ensure an annual event to continue the idea that – "Quilting can make a difference – just for the asking." The ladies made me a visual diary with photos and words, notes from the participants, organizers and bank staff…. and I will treasure it for ever.  They know me well…. I also received a fabulous bright …

The illustration – to quilt

Textures….. shapes…… color…..simplicity This is the original photo, I took it here in Alamogordo. The image above was illustrated and manipulated in the computer… (actually partly in my ipad) If you enlarge the cactus picture, you will be able to work out layers of color. Take a look at the background. If I decide to make a quilt from this picture, I will layer the background in two parts and build the other colors on top of them. If you enlarge it and look closer, there are texture lines which you could use as quilting lines. Batiks would look wonderful or some of McKenna Ryans graduated texture fabric. I would quilt the background quite densely and then the cactus would stand out… The prickles, I think they would look great as one long piece of hand stitched thick thread. They would look like a halo around the cactus. Both of these images are simple and uncluttered..they would both make great quilts.

I will let you know.

The day was delightfully hot…. I don’t know if there is a word for people who like to be warm all the time… but the hotter the better for me. The clouds build up during the day and hang on the rim of the mountains for a short time. They circle the basin and in the evening, they release their bounty and drench the earth with spectacular action. We drove into the town, I wanted to photograph some buildings that I’ve admired for years…. The gates of the property are always locked but we finally worked out that we could drive around it and there is a small window where I could get through to gain access. The buildings have been empty for many years, the timber is weathered, the iron has turned a rich rust color over the years and the shapes of the buildings are wonderful. I just photographed a few, (considering that I may have been trespassing) The old mill stands as a reminder of a colorful past. It served as the …


The pork roast is being smoked on the BBQ, it's hot and sunny with huge thunder clouds building up in the distance. The mountains are blue and silhouetted against the sky… they look stunning. I'm going to introduce this American crew to bread and butter pudding so we will have a truly international menu for dinner tonight.

Could we do it? – Wow, we did it.!!!!

It's hard  to know just where to start to be honest. The Event is over and I think everyone is feeling a sense of satisfaction. A year or more ago, a casual discussion after a "brown bag seminar" hosted by 1st National Bank, brought forth the idea of a quilt event to raise money for the young people here in  (Alamogordo) You know how these things happen, ideas grew into an ambitious course of action. Could we do it?  – well, here we are after the event and ….Wow, we did it.!!!! I talked about it at home. It was hard to make people understand, then again to they need to know? Well I figure they do, because this was a unique experience. In this "Whats in it for Me" generation its remarkable that a large financial Institution, let alone a Bank would support the efforts of a small group of adventurers to take take a leap of faith.  The community pulled together with selfless commitment. he young people of FFA were there from the …

Southern New Mexico Quilt Festival.

The adventure begins today…. The Southern New Mexico Quilt Festival. The place was jumping yesterday with vendors coming in from long distances. Young people worked alongside adults to prepare the venue and the dining hall and merchant mall looks wonderful. My room is set, quilts hung and the anticipation is high.. Early registration yesterday afternoon bought lots of people and there is a buzz in the air. It will be a long day with the dinner and presentation tonight… but we're all excited.