The Utah inspired challenge finished.

I've finished this small quilt. I wanted to complete it before I left and it's been an interesting experiment.

Does the Texture Magic work in an ordinary quilt rather that completing the entire project with the product?

It does indeed.

The quilt was quilted heavily to give texture. I wanted to balance the texture in the quilting with the texture in the rocks.

The quilting pattern was taken from my sketchbook  and the sketches ultimately came from my photos…. it's a journal quilt and I think it's worked.






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  1. Laura says:

    What a genius way to use Texture Magic! I love this little quilt!

  2. Oh wow, Pam! I love it! The rock art fits perfectly around the 3 Kings. And, I think the Texture Magic looks amazing. Thank you so much for using it in one of your projects.

  3. Patty says:

    Beautiful Pam.

  4. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Fantastic little quilt… packed with so much detail. I love it.

  5. peggy says:

    Really realistic. I have used texture magic but like the use in the rocks. You are amazing, Pam.

  6. Robyn Kirk says:

    Dear Pam
    You are the one that is inspired. What a fabulous quilt and won’t ‘Mother Superior’ be really chuffed when she sees what her hike with you (and not to forget her product)has produced. I think I will try Texture Magic myself.

  7. Nancy McGihon says:

    Pam, that is absolutely amazing! I love all the detail in the quilting–I can feel the wind blowing. Fabulous use for Texture Magic.
    I am working on quilting my beetle from Utah. I learned more than I realized and I am getting better at it.

  8. Lynn Spillane says:

    Outstanding! I loved it before the quilting but now with all the detail and quilting it is absolutely fantastic! The little border is perfect and the cliff drawings add so much more detail. What are the measurements, I know it is small but is it really the size of a postcard? It is beautiful.

  9. Pam says:

    The quilt is 24″ X 18″

  10. Susan S says:

    I am curious as to whether you used texture magic under everything or just the rocks…..and at what point did you steam the texture magic.

  11. Gayle says:

    So glad you enjoyed your visit to my Utah and that you got inspiration for such a great quilt!

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