You can’t take the artist out of the girl.

I've talked a little about my Mum on my blog.

I still maintain she's one of the most talented people I know.

She's had a string of ups and down with her health over the past 3 years and like Lazarus she just keeps rising  again.

Mum is now in Assisted Living in high care but she insists on calling it her "Resort"

She has a lovely room and her precious things surrounding her.

I try to take her out to lunch and a little shopping for normality  once a week or so when I'm home.

Yesterday we came back up the hills to our small town and had coffee and lunch in the local cafe, we visited the dress shop and the florist and chatted with the locals.

Mum wanted to go to my studio…. Why? because she had some silk flowers that normally reside on her shared dining table….

"They are too pink" she said… I'm going to use your inks to make them into "Peace" roses…. and indeed she did… a few deft stokes of the brush and they looked a million dollars…

So first thing that occurred when we got back to the "Resort"

The other flowers were whipped off the table and a new bunch of "peace" roses were put in their place. Hand painted by Mum…

Now ask me where Tilly and I get it from….?


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  1. peggy says:

    Glad to hear your Mum still has a sense of what things should be. I enjoyed your reflection of the day with your Mum.

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