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  1. Robyn Kirk says:

    Dear Pam
    Thank you very much for all the trouble you go to making videos that we may learn. I really appreciate them.
    New Zealand

  2. peggy says:

    Hello Pam, Your videos are very informative and I always benenfit from watching them.
    have a good day,
    peggy in Missouri, USA

  3. Cher says:

    Pam, I love watching your videos. I would love to see one day how you quilted faces on your quilts. Do you use monofiliment for that too?
    Thanks for all the time you take to produce these, it’s alot of work but I appreciate it.
    Cher in BC

  4. Karen L. says:

    Pam, I just recently found your blog and today I watched all three of the posted videos. Wow!!! Thanks for doing them. I felt like I was in a personal one-on-one class with you. So much great information! I particularly liked two things about your video technique: First, the fact that as you demonstrate something you say “that’s what works for me” so that I know I can try that method but if it doesn’t work for me, there are other methods to try. Second, you don’t sound condescending at all so I feel like I probably could do what you suggest. You are a joy to watch, to listen to, and to learn from also. Thanks for the time and effort that you put into these videos especially for those of us who have not had the opportunity to take a lecture or class from you.

  5. Nola says:

    Hi Pam,
    Although I have been machine quilting a long time I still enjoy learning from others.
    Thank-you for so freely sharing your skills and knowledge.
    Kind regards

  6. Deborah Williams says:

    Pam thank you so much for sharing your techniques. Your sharing really helps me to understand thread painting.

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