Kenora Quilt Event.


The lake shone like gold this evening. A view from my window. It feels more like summer now.


With the miracle of the internet I was finally able to talk to my family…. it's been a whole week and I have to catch up on all the news from home. Its so important when I'm on the road.

There's really good news, and the family is absolutely buzzing right now.

It was a great day once again… the Portrait Masterclass is doing well, it's not the easiest of projects but it all comes together on the 3rd day.

Other than writing, filming and photographing, I've not done any extra work and I need to do some illustrations for my challenge block.

I've made a list of what I need to add…

Pine trees.

The fish fly.




Layers of images…. lines of images….fishing lines entwined… fish flies dancing, fish holding fins….. anything else?



Several of the quilts at the show….!!! fabulous.

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