A soiree in Winnipeg

I was awake early this morning anticipating another move.

I finished my work, packed the cases with precision and care and at 9.30 Audrey picked me up in her comfy Buick. I really like Buicks, my friend Joan has always driven one and they sit like a brick on the road.

We drove past high rock escarpments surrounded by high pine trees. Marshes, reflecting the blue in the sky and sometimes inhabited by Canadian geese lay either side of the road. 

Tall white tree trunks stood lifeless in the water and looked like a giant had been throwing darts.

Pink and blue lupines, orange tiger lilies and daisies lined the roads but eventually gave way to flat fields and pasture.

My hotel the Marlborough Hotel is full of character and characters.

There is a Manager who sings to himself and drums his fingers and whole bevy of people who speak a different language… one that I can't identify.

Mr Manager didn't miss a beat, giving directions between whistling, humming and drumming…

I wasn't fooled. How did I know this all occurred, I had to wait for almost an hour to get into my 'luxury prestige room'

It's OK, it's clean, and comfy and quite large and the internet is free….!!!

I finally settled in and then decided to take a walk and find my bearings.

I passed a metal 'thing' highly decorated. Maybe it's a signal box.



I don't quite understand this sign….but I think it might be the direction the snow ploughs go… (both ways)

Maybe it's don't park where the snow plough goes.

My trusty Ipad, that knows everything, told me there was a great Ethiopian Restaurant about a block away so I decided to investigate. It looked a little rundown on the outside… but I bravely ventured forth and I'm so pleased it did…. !!!!

The friendly owners of Yenat Ethiopian Cuisine make every visitor feel welcome. Although evening menu options are delicious, the vegan buffet is not to be missed. Traditional injera is served beside dishes with no animal products. Because most of Ethiopia is either Muslim or Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, meat is traditionally not eaten on Wednesdays or Fridays, and pork not at all.

This was my meal. I did ask for a fork because I can't manage scooping up hot curry with a thin pancake…. and this is sure different to the chip truck.

It was delicious, and my family would have embraced it with gusto.

I was the only European there….well really, there were just two of us… an Ethiopian man and I and he scooped his curry with dexterity.

Saturday evening is music night so I was entertained  as the young men rehearsed with their drums, and melancholy music, the waiter/owner couldn't help himself and started dancing. I thought I should leave in case I was pulled into the festivities.


These are embroidered, fur seats that surround a woven table. The Top covers the tray that holds a shared feast.



So I picked up the napkin I as drawing a pattern on and left.

It was a fun experience.

These are some of the things I saw on the way back to the hotel.




Back to work.


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  1. Lynn says:

    The caarved item above in the beaded sheath is just beautiful…I’d love to hear more about it….what is it? or what is it used for?… such beautiful colors. the painted steers head reminded me of the one we drew in a still life drawing class…..for weeks. As steer heads go it’s a beaut!

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