I had an entire day of travel yesterday.

I had the luxury of a bit of a sleep in (till 7.00 am), then everything was packed and double checked and the good fairy "Lenora from Kenora" made the long trip down to Winnipeg with my red glasses that were probably found under the bed.

Bless her….

She even took me to the airport… her parting words were.

"I should check and make sure your plane isn't delayed."

"I'm fine," I said, not wanting to impose further….. up to the counter to check in and the sweet lady behind the counter said. "Oh, your flight has been canceled, you're not leaving until 6.00 pm."


OK, so I made the most of it… I sat in the little cafe, ate a bagel and cream cheese and drew….


So this is a short description of the drawing….

  • The clouds in the sky and at times a little rain
  • The bugs.
  • Pine trees (of course)
  • The texture of the fabric I designed… but maybe we just designed the same!!!
  • The boats out on the lake and fishing lines
  • The fancy, flinging fish….. holding fins
  • The Walleye.

The airline gave me wonderful seats and sent me through Denver and after just a bagel for lunch I was starving by 8.30  and I made a quick trip for a hamburger…

It was a poignant  trip, I observed a young woman who was flying to visit a dying relative and received the news of their passing as she sat next to me..

I've been in that situation so memories came flooding back.

My Dad…..


I arrived in El Paso just before 12.00 and we arrived home at 1.30….. but we chatted all the way home.

Up again at 5.30 for a radio interview on the breakfast show and a round of visits with friends..

It was 101 today and I love the weather being so hot.

I've done the washing and worked on the computer..what more could I ask….

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    I love the chorus line of fish. Looks like they are about to break into a Rockettes-like tail fin kicks.

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