Budgies in the bosom.


Postcard from Alamogordo from holland on Vimeo.

Here in Alamogordo, it's balmy, even though it's only 6.30 in the morning

The storm clouds have cleared and we're in for a hot day once again.

It's set up day for the event and we're having beef and green chilli burritos bought in for breakfast. !!!!! 

Yesterday was preparation… and a few funny things happened.. First of all, I've saw myself "flashing" on  digital screens in the city… we had to come to a screaming halt in the car… so I could photograph it…. I know, I'm a bit strange.

Then again, it's the only time I'll be flashing in the city…!!! so I need to record it for the grandchildren.

We visited a shop in the town…. a woman sitting constructing jewelery, suddenly out of her blouse popped this little fellow…

Budgies in the bosom…. no it isn't a budgie, but parrot doesn't rhyme with bosom…!!

There was a wonderful team preparing the kits for the event.

I was impressed. Two gorgeous young girls had been working for 6 hours…. they told me…



  So many name tags.


Dozens of bags.

and it's all go….!!!!


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