I will let you know.

The day was delightfully hot….

I don’t know if there is a word for people who like to be warm all the time… but the hotter the better for me.


The clouds build up during the day and hang on the rim of the mountains for a short time. They circle the basin and in the evening, they release their bounty and drench the earth with spectacular action.


We drove into the town, I wanted to photograph some buildings that I’ve admired for years…. The gates of the property are always locked but we finally worked out that we could drive around it and there is a small window where I could get through to gain access.


The buildings have been empty for many years, the timber is weathered, the iron has turned a rich rust color over the years and the shapes of the buildings are wonderful.

I just photographed a few, (considering that I may have been trespassing)

The old mill stands as a reminder of a colorful past. It served as the primary means of support for many New Mexico families.

The old water tower is an Icon in the city. It stands right in the middle of the road next to the railway line. I’ve always loved the shapes and color. This old tower simply glows in the evening light.

Somehow, I will work them into a piece of art… I need to work through the process… and I will let you know.

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  1. Hi Pam,
    It sounds like your event in Alamogordo went well. I hope you can get in a little rest and relaxation now that you’ve finished your big commitment and fundraiser. They are so lucky to have you there!
    I’ve been gone the last week, and didn’t have Internet connection, and it’s been fun to get all caught up on your blog.

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