Who knows:-

I write,

Waiting at the gate to get on a plane. There are a number of Soldiers sitting quietly, and they appear to be reflective rather than animated.

On a plane, upgraded to first class, affords me more space to type, a pleasure and relaxed.

Yet another flight and out of the handbag I produce my iPad. I work in silence, because I need the earphones to drown out the sound of the lady next to me chewing gum. Shes agitated and makes unusual movements for the full two hours, what’s she on?

Off the plane and laden with luggage, I wait for the Hilton shuttle. “15 minutes Maam”

At the mall of America in Ruby Tuesdays tucking into turkey and salad.
People walk by, laden with bags, talking to friends, interacting with children.

Waiting for the shuttle to take me back to the hotel after one heck of a day, Shuttle, plane, plane, shuttle, shopping, …Hotel shuttles pull up with regularity. people with bags a plenty wait in god spirits.

Quietly in the hotel room. Peace, privacy, cool and good music.

Breakfast in the hotel, I read the paper first. Then write.

Waiting for the shuttle to take me to the next shuttle !!!!!!!

Grab a coffee at Starbucks, at the airport, there is a free table, people are arriving picking up luggage and the throng seems to be constantly moving. I write amongst the movement.

Now in the shuttle and a two hour trip to meet my friend. loud country music, with new earphones to replace the ones I lost…….I don’t have to share the phone conversation of my fellow travellers.

Two full chapters of my book. My imagination, my pleasure, my gift to the Grandies. The characters come alive..

The Amazing Alphabet book.

Creative writing and quilting.My joy.


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  1. HI Pammy,
    It has been an interesting trip so far hasn’t it? I see that you are physically and mentally able to get into ‘the gap’. That space between things where life and thought becomes a sort of meditation. Love that emu.

  2. Pam,
    If the Amazing Alphbet Book is for your Grandies I want one of your kids to adopt me!
    As usual, I am enjoying your travels from my lounge room!
    Judy B

  3. Lynn says:

    I look forward to each and every entry…..and totally enjoyed my time spent at the Getty Museum. Thank you.
    Take time to rest…..Wow, what a schedule you have. The ostrich professor is charming…..will you publish your Alphabet book soon??

  4. Kate says:

    Pam – thanks for all your inspiration. I wanted to tell you how I just LOVED the Jo Dee Messina song “I’m Alright” you had as a soundtrack to the slides of your studio – I got the album (I’m not a true country fan by the way), but I just love the album. Thank you for introducing me to her – it BLARES from my car speakers along with lots of other tracks from that album. Really great stuff. Thank you.

  5. Nola says:

    Love the drawing of the ostrich – (or is it an Aussie Emu in diguise?) Can certainly see the quilting lines. The book for the grandies looks like one we would all like.
    Getting from A to B sounds exhausting.

  6. Nola says:

    As I reflected on your itinery, your photograhy, fitting in your designing and teaching I came across this quote from Thomas Merton
    “The imagination should be allowed a certain of time to browse around”
    You are giving your creativity time to browse around.
    Much love

  7. Pam says:

    Nola, thanks it’s great to have the opportunity, and great to share….

  8. Pam says:

    The gap, is the apostrophe in my work day…. and gives me time to focus.
    Miss you guys.

  9. Pam says:

    You can be one of the Hollands if you like, we would be honored.

  10. Pam says:

    Didn’t we have fun…. you guys are my inspiration….

  11. Pam says:

    Hi Kate….that song is my theme song and I play it before I go into class….
    VERY Loudly…..(on my ipod)

  12. Dolores says:

    I’ve been away and am getting caught up with my blog reading. I love your ostrich and thought his pockets look like eyes.

  13. Pam says:

    I guess they do really…. I didn’t think of that.

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