4th July….

It's 4th of July and I have a day off for celebration.

I have on my Un-Australian T shirt….with the American flag on it and blue shorts today…. they go well with the pixie slippers.

I worked a little on the book this morning, preparing more illustrations and it's exciting that it's getting close to completion.

It's humid and warm here and I love it so I'm sending some of it back home to family.

I have several classes to prepare and I wanted to ask the question…. if you wanted to make a "Journal Quilt" what subject would you use?

How would you make it…. ?

You know how I make mine.

I find it hard to interpret some folks idea of a 'Journal Quilt…' because I can't get into peoples minds….and two pieces of red fabric on white is supposed to be blood on snow….!!

I sat through a whole lecture on journal quilts once and saw 48 quilts, same thing… blood on snow 1, to 48……

Not my scene really.

How would you interpret the subject?

 We can learn a lot from Impressionist artists… Monet, for instance did 40 paintings of the same thing, just so he could capture the image in a certain way… testing, testing and adding more to capture the essence…. in fact it was a journal of what he was seeing.. and making a journal quilt is similar to me….

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  1. peggy says:

    If I were going to interpret blood on snow I would simply have one drop resembling a splattered drop of blood on white/grey to resemble snow with something else in the drawing to reference to such as a rose stem with thorns where someone pricked their finger causing the drop of blood.
    I’m just saying, that is what flew across my brain when you said blood on snow.

  2. Karen L. says:

    Hi Pam, I have not been reading your blog for very long but it is usually one of the first I bring up each day. I love that you post a lot. About your question …. I typed in “journal” on your blog to see what came up in order to help me understand what you were asking. I would probably first want to do some scenes from my past especially from times I spent down the shore on the New Jersey coast (USA) with family. These would have to come from my memory and I could combine any ideas/situations that I wanted to even if they had not actually happened together originally. Then, I would concentrate on nature. Since I have done several of McKenna Ryan’s patterns and like the way they turn out, I would lean towards using fusible. Probably would draw a general design, then enhance and make it a bit more precise and pleasing to the eye before starting with the fabric. The actual quilting would be the challenge for me. How do I take what I just made in fabric and make it better with thread? Ah, that is the hard part! Hope you have a relaxing 4th (this happens to be my Father’s birthday) and safe travels.

  3. Caroline says:

    I have made Journal quilts and also fabric postcards which to me serve the same purpose – that is to say either exploring a subject or exploring a technique, sometimes both. I have used prompts or just looked out of the window, or used a viewfinder to capture some interesting angles or shapes. I have been known to make something and then cut it up and make it into something else. I’ve got one which is truly awful – I keep it to remind myself what happens when I get pretentious ideas and cannot carry them out LOL. I like ’em ‘cos they make you think…….

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