My observations today, or should I say “Inspiration”


The water lilys float on the surface of the lake and the stems fade into the darkness and become distorted by the ripples in the water.


The water shimmers in the sun and the reeds stand like horizontal punctuations in the water, their reflections twisting into the most interesting shapes.


The loons are the icons of this area and I'm reminded of our first VHS machine and being able to hire "On Golden Pond"

We loved it so much we knew it word for word.



Oscar the toad is still sunning himself in the doorway of his birdhouse each day and lets me get a little closer. I think this is called "Toad in the hole"


Quilt tops are hung over windows in preparation for tomorrows event.


I love the way the light comes through them

even the geraniums are gorgeous.

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  1. Chris John says:

    Pam your photos are a visual delight once again. The loon is stunning. I could just imagine one of them made using black and white prints. How precious is the little one on mum’s back?
    As for ‘toad in a hole’ – very witty.
    This looks like a wonderfully relaxing spot to put your feet up and recharge for a while.

  2. Lisa says:

    Paaaymie my girl you’ve done it again. Loved the photos even felt ten degrees cooler looking at the water… Look forward to sharing more of your adventures. iPad working great – got the keyboard and it’s super. Nothing but wonderful words about the event and your classes…

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