Inspiration, again.

I'm normally unable to make a quilt for my challenge on the road, but with the availability of a machine here, I have done a small quilt this week and it's almost finished… 


I used the paper I showed the other day, and fabric and made a collage…… I may be able to finish it today, but I have notes to complete and that takes precedence.

I'm also making drawings of the area….

I don't ever have a plan in mind, but it just happens…

Last night, I sat outside on the balcony and looked at the lake, things I've seen as we drive around the area and that I saw as we toured the lake come to mind.

Lots of trees. Tall wooden houses. I saw a barn yesterday, the lake, the docks, the storm. All have found a place.

Where it goes from here I don't know… will I print it on fabric like I did in Chicago, will I color it in the computer, will I trace it on fabric and color it.

I just don't know.


The Luncheon went well yesterday and I was able to share quilting with about 60 ladies.

The church raised money for a small project. They even had a quilted cake…



I got the job of creating the fruit salad dishes…. I felt the need to 'balance' the color of the fruit on the top of the dishes… surprisingly, people noticed…..! 


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