The most unusual place…. and great generosity.

No storms yesterday, and the day was perfect.. blue skies, and 80 deg temps…



Quilt classes are held in a variety of places….

Homes, churches, halls, at conferences…..but is this one the only one to be held in a funeral home?

The  beautifully appointed venue was donated by Brenny Funeral Chapel and to add to the experience, the funeral director baked us 3 big loaves of bread as we worked… and provided a gigantic jar of peanut butter, jelly and butter…. !!!!!!!

I was impressed.

I'm off to a class reunion today and then a few days of R&R in Minneapolis…..


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  1. peggy says:

    Enjoy your R&R!!!! See ya in Houston, Lord willing!!!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Humidity is almost 15% – pretty high for us desert folks. Have fun Skype you soon… Girls are already telling everyone about the event in July 11 – whoopee

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