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Your’e important


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I travel the world teaching and talking. Photographing and writing, Sharing experiences What a way to go.


  1. peggy says

    Pam, Yu are part of my daily life. I have a wanderlust and my trip to London in Dec. of 2009 stirred it up again. I am able to feed my wanderlust through you, thank you. On my bucket list is to go to the airport one day and choose a flight going someplace and just get buy my ticket and go.
    You are important to me too, peg


  2. Lynn says

    You are important to me too, I’ve been following along for two or three years and have just begun to drop you a note now and then, I have seen so much through your photographs and blog posts and even though we haven’t met in real life you are truly a good friend to me, I look forward to catching up with you everyday and you have influenced my quilting adventure beyond expectations of myself! I am having lots more fun too. Thanks. Lynn


  3. Glenda Hepburn says

    Morning Pam, you are important to me because you make me stop & sit down every morning & take time to myself. I used to be a traveller for around 40 years but now enjoy staying put; but I still want to see new places & learn & through your wonderful fun, descriptive, beautiful, & funny blog I do this. I have been following you around for so long now & watching your family grow through your grandchildren I’d miss you sooooo much if you were not there to drop in to each morning over my coffee & breakfast. Then there are your endless wonderful lessons, you even taught ME to draw!!!! Take care & keep having fun you are helping hundreds of other quilters & people who would love to travel. Cheers Glenda


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