Gee Wizz

I thought you might like to share this video… I like it.


So much for walking the Mall…. I think I have a broken bone in my foot….

It throbbed all night…. it's swollen and more painful tonight… so I'm icing it…

But still, I had an interesting time…. I joined the 1000's of teenagers (mainly girls) who came to see Zac Efron….. I don't even know who he is, some Mothers son I figure….

I chatted to some of the lovelies who arrived outside the door of the mall at 6.00 am this morning…and still didn't get close… They were the nicest kids…

Well, I heard him anyway….he sounded OK….

I decided to add a little color to the hair… now I don't look like me…

I had the nails done, and the assistants kept running outside to check on Zac…. It was an interesting day.

Michigan tomorrow…

Then I'm off to Arkansas….  I couldn't even find a travel book on Arkansas in Barnes and Noble… what is it with this state.?



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  1. Zac Efron was in a movie made here in Utah called High School Musical. It became a big hit for young girls. The 2nd HSM was filmed at Entrada, right near our house. Do you remember the big golf course with lavish club house across the street from our subdivision? Many of the kids in our neighborhood played extras in the 2nd movie.

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Now you didn’t go all crazy and add a blue streak, did you? Because red or orange would fit right in. I hope your foot is better today.

  3. Pam Holland says:

    Well, I thought about it…… but it’s a little orange right now….
    The foot is better today…. just got a big lump….. not so much pain.

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