10.30 and the body is failing me tonight…. I need to sleep.

I arrived in Michigan this afternoon after several good flights…

I managed to sleep all night and my foot was much better this morning,  and I'm icing it again tonight….

Not too much to report other than an update on the MN challenge….


I did it on the plane…..I've made it a little simpler…. I had too much detail in the other drawing…

The description is what I saw and experienced while I as staying in Nevis MN. Trees, houses, the lake, buildings and storms.

Granted they are my trees, the the average MN ones….

How can I translate this to a quilt…. well, I think I can make one here…. I have a machine for the next 5 days.!!!!! heaven.

I saw the funniest thing at dinner tonight…!!!

A gal in the corner of the restaurant was eating a salad and carried on a conversation with her ear piece during the whole meal…. we all heard the conversation..

"I don't like yellow" she said in a loud voice to the bodiless person at the end of the ear piece.

"I like orange," I said….. sharing the moment…!!!!!


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  1. Welcome to Michigan my friend…It is famous for its beautiful landscapes,amazing views and rich history too…Your indirect meeting with that girl in the restaurant is the funny moment i found in your post…

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