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Community Comes Together Through Quilting

June 24-26, 2010
There are many good people around the
world who do great things simply to help the community. When these
great things are done with their sewing machines, it is exciting; When
Janome is able to be involved in these great deeds, the pride we feel to
be a part of this makes it newsworthy!
The story of the Southern New Mexico
Festival of Quilts, sponsored by First National Bank of Alamogordo, is
heart-warming! Pam Holland, globally recognized quilter from
Australia, has been visiting a friend and fellow quilter in the
Alamogordo area for many years. In 2009 Pam was introduced to the
community through a “lunch and learn” event sponsored by First National
Bank of Alamogordo. Not unexpectedly, Pam was a hit with local quilters
and artists and the lecture was presented to a standing room only
crowd. Pam did not want to just stop there. She was determined to find a
way to use sewing to reach out and help this wonderful community. To
make a long story short, an idea came about to try and put on a quilting
event with proceeds that would benefit area youth. 
Pam offered to teach a series of
classes and present a dinner lecture as a means to get the idea off the
ground floor. After a long year of planning and organizing, talking to
Pam via email and calls on Skype, the event came to life and was a
resounding success and the first Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts
was born!
Vendors from all over the State came
to support the cause and put their faith in this first-ever, uniquely
designed program. Bruce Dickinson from Bob's Discount in Albuquerque, NM
also jumped at the chance to help. When Janome heard about this
fantastic event, we knew we had to aid this great cause through a
national sponsorship and donations to the youth clubs. Additional
national sponsorship came from Tsukeneko, Superior Threads and a fabric
dealer in Australia in conjunction with Maywood fabrics. Quilts were
displayed with care by local quilters, kits were filled for the students
and area youth groups prepared to man concession areas. Jumping at the
chance to take a class from Pam Holland students signed up from around
the State, as well as Texas and Colorado. With lots of excitement and
some trepidation, the doors opened. Students lined up to pick up their
registration packets and check out the new sewing machines, fabrics and
notions while visitors lined up to see the quilts, shop and see Pam
Holland’s extraordinary quilts. Even the Otero County Sheriff Deputy
Reserve unit joined in by providing free security for the facility at
Over $10,000 was raised which, after
expenses, will be presented to the 4-H, Future Farmers of America and
Boys and Girls Clubs and a charity raffle quilt was donated.
Pam has made a wonderful impact she
has had on this community and its youth programs. Beyond the dollar
amount raised, Pam managed to bring together an entire community through
their love of quilting. Feedback has been tremendous, and the vendors
and students are already looking forward to next year.
A dream became reality with the help
of a true professional and charitable person, Pam Holland as well as the
generous support of First Nation al Bank of Alamogordo. Plans are
underway for another event in 2011. 
When a community comes together, great things can happen!


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  1. Nola says:

    Fabulous report and congratulation Pam. An idea, enthisiasm and a lot of hard work. People power can be awesome

  2. Adilee Bruggink says:

    Anxious to be a part of it…new in the area

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