I’ll try to capture the day.

The Television is annoying the heck out of me tonight…. so with a flick of a switch, I can turn it off and listen to music as I write the blog.

It's my last day in Michigan…

Saying goodbye to friends is always a little wrenching.

But supper with good  friend Dave in a 50's diner -  with music to match the decor helped.


I love these places.



  I just can't help myself…..!!!!

Then his fiance arrived and we went to whimpys for  ice cream…. what a lovely, uncomplicated way to finish a day.

I was sitting in a cafe at lunch time…. just watching life around me. I was going to write down what I saw, but to be honest  I was tired after a 5 day event and just couldn't will my mind to do it.

So with Ipad in hand tomorrow I'm going to see if I can "capture the day" with word and images….

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