Capturing the day

I woke before the alarm.
4.45. And a new day begins…. I will travel  all day today.

There's an art to packing the bags and that is all done a day or so before I leave… 


I'm paranoid that I will leave something behind, and I do occasionally.       I get really cross with myself.

It's chilly, 51 degrees. And I need a sweater for this first part of the morning. There are just two people eating breakfast and they talk in hushed tones…

The coffee is awful and I dislike these foam cups with a passion…

I have my own in the bag… But they are packed.

It's hard getting the morning pills down.

It was an hour drive to the airport, the mist was rising from the surface of the lake…. The sunlight flowing over glowing fields.  I wanted to jump out and take photos, but I was composing as we drove…  I had to be happy with mind photos.

I just had a short time to wait for the plane and I had a light breakfast and began working on the "R"….. I got stuck…. R for?…… Rose, RALF….. He's in the story so I guess it's



It's time to keep track of the calories after the past few weeks…. So that was the next task… I always begin with good intentions, do it for a few days and then miss a few days….!!! Then… OK, I'll start again  next week.!!

I'm high above the clouds, it's magical, the blue is iridescent. 


There is a dog under someones seat….. He's upset..


I would be too if I was shoved under a plane seat in a plastic container.

The iPad allows me to do this in all sorts of places. I have my earphones on and listening to Vivaldi. The drinks cart is wending it's way up the aisle.
I'll drink my coffee while listening to the Orchestra playing just for me.

How lucky am I.

This was the route I was on once when the tyres burst on the plane on take off. We had to land on the rims (or whatever they call them on a plane)… Sparks flying.
It was exciting and impressed the teenage grandchildren.

whoops the coffee is so hot I don't think I will drink it all before we land.
No 2 foam cup for the day and it's only 9.15.

I can see the outline of Chicago and there is an announcement of our next flight gate.

I have a 2 hour wait till my next flight.


I LOVE airports, people are dashing past in all directions. Old, young, cowboys with great boots and hats, children and
What is their story?

I miss a lot when I sit in the club… All I get to see are people talking into their computers and phones…. I get a little annoyed by that. I don't want to hear all about their business.

Outside the doors of the club is much more interesting.
There is often a scrabble to get the available power points… Some folk even sit on the floor, you have to be careful not to trip over their legs.

I saw a Chinese lady almost sleep brought her gate call.

The flight was just 90 minutes from Chicago to Little Rock Arkansas…and I worked on my book on the Ipad all the way.

As I walked out of the plane a huge bank of heat hit me… it was stifling. It felt like it was almost 100% humidity.

I picked up my black car and with GPS ready… I was off.

I've never been to Little Rock before, so I'm interested in everything.

It was 2.30 pm and I was feeling a little hungry…. suddenly I saw a sign for Cracker Barrel and I thought…"that's it."


I was introduced to Cracker Barrel many years ago by a dear friend who has since passed away….The food is comforting and it reminds me of Della We played this game when we were there.


Just as I left the restaurant, it began to rain… the storm was ominous and I made a quick decision to take shelter in the nearby Wal Mart.

The storm was huge, lightening and the sound of the rain continued for almost an hour and a half….

I bought supplies for my suite and then braved the rain.

It's a bit nerve racking driving somewhere unfamiliar in the rain… but it began to subside and I congratulated myself. I turned the radio on to loud country music and the spirits soared.

The countryside is stunning… I couldn't stop to take photos, but needless to say I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities to do so.

Suddenly it turned black again. Everyone had their headlights on and down came the rain….. fortunately I only had 7 miles to go, so with the other cars on the freeway we crawled along in procession….! whew.

Now we there is a flood alert….!!!!

I think I attract these situations…

It's pretty darn quiet here  at the moment… but there is the annual HOG motorcycle run, over the weekend…I'm going to find myself overrun by bikers….

That's my day…. time to cook dinner.


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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Glad to hear that you arrived safely. Enjoy your new abode.

  2. onlinelesley says:

    Pam, I love hearing about your adventures, but I would love it if you could sometime write something about your travel and packing tips! I have travelled a small amount and would love, love, LOVE to get some tips on making it all easier.

  3. Pam says:

    OK, will do.

  4. Pam, the calm before the storm = Tornado opportunity. Take cover in an indoor closet 🙂 Your photos and words are captivating and delicious. A great read. Plus, I just LOVE those shoes. Where? pray tell did you get them??? Hugs to you. Norma

  5. Pam says:

    Norma, the shoes are Birkenstock.

  6. Awesome pictures. Every thing looking great and also that cloud pictures looking awesome. I am so excited for it.

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