A day off.

I'm having a day off scheduled work today.

I am tired, but I did walk around Hot Springs and I'm rather impressed.

Great galleries, gift shops and restaurants.

I spent the morning walking through this venue… it's huge and I can see great potential. There is a lot of work going on with the renovations and the opening will be in October.

A lot of space, accommodation, pool, spas, and set in a neat town.





These are just a few of the things I saw today…. It is rather hot here… and I think I need to go down town and take a bottle to get some spring water, you can get it from a fountain in the main st… there were about 10 people there this morning with big containers gathering water…

I stopped for lunch at Whole Hog cafe

It was delicious…. I have enough ribs for lunch and tea….

I visited the bath house and also a great gallery….

Gallery of photos taken today.

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