A short note

The blog was playing up tonight…so I decided to finish some other work…

The weather here is just wonderful for me… most folk would find it too hot, but I love it.

I managed to get a lot of work done today. Accommodation booked in NY, class info to South Africa. Accommodation in London and Bangkok…. I'm on a roll.

I checked out the availability of fabric and other supplies  today and caught up on business.

I purchased some flesh colored prisma pencils and I'm taking them back… I realized the tin had been opened…and every time I tried to sharpen them, they broke…. so I wasn't happy.

I found the prisma pencil sharpener I talk about in my class in Hobby Lobby…

I bought chicken and prawn salad in the supermarket. Bagels and yoghurt so I'm set for a few days of retreat.

I've taken over a lounge to work in and I have a huge table to set things out and I got quite a bit of illustration done…

It's like having my own studio…

In the meantime…I'm a little homesick and needing a hug from the grandies…..


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