Bikers and quilting.

Woow, it's hot today…

But still not hot enough for me to use the pool.

I got a little confused today, I went to buy bedding…. I took ages to decide… high count cotton etc, etc… I just settled on white and found a good bargain at TJ Max…. got it back to the apartment and its the wrong size…..

I need queens size and at home that is Huuuuge….. (well a lot larger than here)

I's so nice to have my own things around me…

I just love this place….

It's fun people watching and I'm fascinated by the bikers. Many of them are women my age which really surprises me… they don't look a bit like quilters.

Of the thousands of bikers here, (around 10,000) I haven't seen one helmet or set of protective clothing…

I'm the mum of a bike tragedy…. and I feel a little uncomfortable…

Then again, the beauty of those bikes is amazing…. YES, I've see a few orange ones….

Now I reckon next year we could add a bikers quilting class to their experiences…


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  1. onlinelesley says:

    It sounds like you’re loving your new home. But, why have you moved there? I LOVE reading your blog and about your life, but it is soooo confusing! I don’t know how you keep track of yourself!

  2. peggy says:

    Pam glad you are enjoying Hot Springs. Where can we find info on your teaching engagements so if you are in our area we may possibly attend? Will see you in Houston!!!!

  3. peggy says:

    I love reading your blog and joining in your adventures too!!!!

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