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It’s a bit warm.

107, and with the heat index it feels as if its around 117.

Never the less, I went for a walk for an hour or so this morning.

I had an interview at 10.00 am, then changed into my shorts and T-shirt and off I went. There were a lot of other silly people out in the mid day sun. "Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun"

I would love to try to photograph the heat rising off the road… but it's a bit hard in a town…. you need distance so I will try tomorrow when I'm out of town.

I found a great antique shop today and my eyes went directly to the mezzanine with a number of 1940's quilts hanging over the balcony….but they wouldn't let me take a photo and they wanted a lot of money for them….so this is the best I can do.


I finished my "U" for Umbrella, this is just part of it….


U is for umbrella.
U is for up.
U is for unicorn
in my cup. 

and this guy came to visit….Isn't he interesting….




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I travel the world teaching and talking. Photographing and writing, Sharing experiences What a way to go.


  1. peggy says

    Pam the beautiful green insect is called a KatyDid. It makes a noise that sounds like it is saying katydid by rubbing some part of it’s body together, legs I believe.


  2. Glenda Hepburn says

    Hi Pam its’a a cool 22o here in FNQLD!!!! I just love the umbrella you made, I had a white lace one similar to it from France till it fell to pieces!!! I Also had a waxed one from China & a indigo blue & white shibori dyed one from Japan. My waxed one is still in one piece but my indigo one also disintegrated much to my disappointment after 20 years!!!!! Cheers Glenda


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