Fire at breakfast.

I'm sitting in the local breakfast bar… The pancake shop in the main street. It's the first time I've had breakfast out but it was recommended, so I thought I would give it a try.


It seems that everybody who is anybody is here. Families, business men, tourists, locals and ME and my Ipad.

The conversation buzz is loud and happy and punctuated by laughter.

The cafe is run with amazing efficiency…. The waitress who served me is no nonsense… Sort of "eat it up honey" 

When I asked for sweetener "pink, blue or yellow" she said in a matter of fact voice….first time Ive heard that…


I ordered a banana pancake and a coffee. It arrived with one slice of banana on the top… not quite what I expected.

I figured the rest was inside the pancake…. Yes it was….

Suddenly the sound of sirens hit us and a fire engine pulled up outside, then another, then another and  a number of police cars and other ancillary  vehicles.


Firemen raced to the restaurant next door and with extreme efficiency they smashed through the glass door.


After 15 minutes of excitement it was all over… Fire extinguished… 

The smell was intense as I walked past on the way back to the hotel and now I'm having a asthma attack… darn it…it must have been the chemicals so I need to use the puffer for the first time on the trip.

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  1. Bettylawson says:

    Loved your trunk show yesterday. While you are in HS–check out the old Army Navy Reservation (now Rehab Center) at the opposite end of Bath House Row from the VR. There is interesting architecture–but particularly an old wrought iron gate at the very back and at the top of the hill.

  2. Pam says:

    Thanks Betty….. I have a look…
    I enjoyed yesterday too.

  3. Chris John says:

    Only you could turn breakfast into an adventure too Pam.
    I hope you are recovering from the asthma attack.

  4. Pam says:

    Chris, thanks…. It just laid me low for a little while…. I hate being unwell when I’m on the road…. it was just a hiccup.
    You’ll get to see the finished quilts in Houston in person one day….
    There were 377 quilt accepted from all over the world and our quilt guild had 4 entries accepted…. I think that’s just super.

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