Just one of those days….


Notes to me:- draw an armadillo, not a fish…. !!!!!! you're in Arkansas…..!!!

I'm a bit miffed.
No 1. Asthma hit me quite badly today, I felt like I had  knife in my chest…. and the antihistamines knock me for a six.
Secondly, I took the day off to send my quilts to Houston….
I couldn't open the form they sent with all the requirements… so I emailed Houston, No reply.

I bought the containers and they are too small so the trip in the rain and thunder were in vain…. still I guess I know where to go next time…

Darn it.   

Oh, well, that's just the way it is I guess….
I finally got on to Keith and he will scan them all and send them all to me.

I've been working on the proposals for the classes here and I think we are so lucky to have a venue like this in a town….such as this to hold the classes….. I'm excited.

I met with a group of the nicest ladies yesterday. There are quite a number of guilds in the area…and we had a little soire and then after the soire, of course you have to do lunch…. It was super. I think I can say they are enthusiastic at the prospect.

So now I have to draw an Armadillo and as yet, I've not seen one…!!!

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