Art as life…. a new idea.

For some time now I've wanted to change the format of my blog…. I would like a new interface and there are a few extra ideas I have…

However, I am adding a new blog. It will be art and photography based and I will do it in Apple…

I want it to be an interface for students.

It won't be a daily blog, but you can RSS it.

This is the URL     "Art as Life"

I took some time off today, I guess you could read between the lines ….. I was a little stressed this morning. It's really just that I have to send my quilts to Houston and I worry….

I lunched at the local pancake shop…. (not the same one as yesterday) and I had something hickory….

It's a real Mom and Pop place. I just love visiting these little restaurants and you know, its a bit hard eating on your own, but there is also something special about being solo in a restaurant… you become part of the environment because you are not distracted by conversation.

The walls were covered in reverent flag affiliations.

I drank out of a jar and there were candy jars in the window.


  The town was buzzing. People braved the heat and shopped till they dropped.

I ventured onto the lake in a 1945 boat /car vehicle…. "they call it a "duck" thank goodness it stayed afloat… what happens to the wheels when it goes in the water?


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  1. Sally says:

    I’ve bookmarked the new Art is Life blog. Really like the idea and will happily follow along. I’m assuming that blog will be more of a one-way communication for you to illustrate in a variety of ways your explorative vision and a way to guide students as opposed to being chatty. Am I understanding your direction?

  2. Pam says:

    Sally, you have it correct…. I needed “more space to fly”

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