Life on the road.

Life on the road is frustrating at times.

Despite being laid back most of the time and as organized as well as know how. I guess I wouldn't be human if I  said that I didn't get uptight at times.

Shifting from one place to the next is stressful. Although I'm here for another 4 days I've already packed most of my things. Weighing luggage and making sure everything is in it's place is a necessary evil. I have a portable scale which is invaluable. It attaches to the handle of the case and when you lift the case it gives a correct weight.

Communication at times is difficult and thank goodness for the internet and phone.

I was asked recently some tips on packing…

Its hard not to over pack… Some tutors wear black, black and a colored jacket… and YES, I do have some of those things, but it's not really me.

My problem is that I have to match everything, glasses, shoes and scarf….

So my list is.

  1. A pair of good quality small scissors. (invaluable)
  2. A case weighing device.
  3. International locks approved by the airlines for your cases. I  even lock my cases in my room.
  4. For security in the room…. I leave the TV on and a do not disturb sign. (works so far)
  5. A knife fork and spoon, and a plate and bowl… you never know when you need it in your room. Mine are light weight and serviceable.
  6. Medications, (extra and prescriptions) are essential… I have allergy problems so I need to have my medication on hand.
  7. 2 pairs of glasses…. I broke one pair last time and I have traveled with one pair… and had to have them repaired…Keith lost his overboard once (I don't know how) so he had to have his prescription sent and it was a real hassle.
  8. Make a check list before you leave home of all your cords and plugs.
  9. An international or local "pay by use" phone.
  10. Good insurance. I have good medical and personal insurance in case of personal injury or loss.
  11. Everything in my wet pack is small…. small shampoo, hair gel, toothpaste etc.  They are divided into 3 separate see through bags.    I carry one on the plane.
  12. For me it's important to be a card carrying member of airlines and hotels for good service.
  13. I use Qantas affiliates which gives me gold or platinum status where ever I travel. I don't have to wait in line too often, I get to go through as a priority, and most importantly my Qantas status allows the fact that I don't have to pay extra for my bags…. that alone can save me a lot on the trip…. traveling with two bags can cost around $60 each leg. 
  14. My status allows me to rest in the Clubs aligned with the airlines. Its wonderful on long trips. Sometimes I even shower and change there..
  15. I don't pack linen… or clothes that can't be washed out quickly. Light undies, socks, shirts… etc.
  16. I pack everything in the air compressed bags. I used to use smaller ones… but they slipped around, so I use two large ones… Good clothes for teaching in one and casual in the other. You compress the air out of them and seal them and the clothes don't get too wrinkled and sit flat in the bags… they are protected from water as well.
  17. I often have my bags sealed in plastic at the airport, they don't do it here in the USA, but I've had it  done in Mexico, Thailand, France and Russia.
  18. It protects the bags and I feel more secure.
  19. I keep duplicates of all paperwork on my Ipad and computer…but I don't carry any of it with me other than my Eticket now.
  20. Everything is on the Ipad and Iphone,  Hotel room confirmation, hire cars, and extra tickets….

That's about it really. It works for me.

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  1. lisa Blevins says:

    Good info Lady

  2. onlinelesley says:

    Thanks so much Pam. There are some invaluable ideas there. I still don’t know how you fit it all in!!

  3. Pam says:

    You’re welcome.

  4. The photos was so simple and cute.Actually I have never thought this ever before. And the fact that really matters is every little thing we do is equivalent of huge prospective. I will visit your site again soon. Can you provide more thoughts and ideas here in your article?

  5. gokkasten says:

    Did you just get a new Android phone? Maybe a new HTC Incredible or Droid Evo? You’ve gotten the screens looking good, the font options just the way you want them…but now you need a few Android apps to make it even better? And free apps are always better than ones you have to pay for, right?

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