On the countdown.

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I had no internet yesterday.

It's sad state of affairs that I felt a sense of loss because I couldn't get on the net.

I was trying to make a call to Tilly and felt terrible that I let her down.

Homesickness faded with being busy yesterday. I had a great day meeting new friends in quilting (and non quilters). It's wonderful to stand in another quilters studio and share things familiar.


We went out on the lake for a couple of hours, and visited a Mexican restaurant for dinner…. (I forgot that I haven't eaten rice for two months)

Rice is very much part of our Aussie diet at home and I didn't realize how much I missed it. 

Then a new experience for me, my first pop concert….!!!! Truly

It was great, we saw "Boys like Girls" I wasn't sure just what to expect… the event the week before was "Randy Travis" I wanted to go to that concert but was a bit worried about going on my own…. so I sort of pretended these guys were like Randy Travis… but I really, really had to extend my imagination.

Still it was another experience… the guys looked like my grandchildren, the music loud but the crowd was great and well behaved.

Houston Quilts are packaged and sent off with a great sense of relief..

So now, California, New York, London, Bangkok….. home.

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