Travel – you need to be prepared for anything.

I woke early, at least  a couple of hours earlier than I needed to.

There was a sense of urgency.

A few things have happened in the past few days that I can't add to the blog…. but lets just say that a situation arose where lives were put at risk. (mine included)

I truly felt I shouldn't be leaving today, but I had no choice…

I left at 6.45 am, I could hardly concentrate on the road. the traffic was intense and I found myself grinding my teeth.

So many things were going through my mind.

I drove for 40 minutes.

I suddenly saw smoke up ahead and within 5 minutes the traffic stopped.

Sirens, ambulances, fire engines…. Police went past at alarming speed on the access road. The traffic stopped.
I had 7 miles to go to the airport.

40 minutes later I passed the devastation, crumpled metal,  smoking metal  barely recognizable as a vehicle.
It was draped to prevent people seeing the inevitable…. People stood around in shock and I found it hard to accept after the  events of the morning. It brings back the sadness we've experienced in accidents in the family.

I made it to check in with just a little spare time.

The stress of the morning waving over me as the attendant handed me my boarding pass.

One event in the morning bought a smile to my face….. My bling sent the bells ringing at security. An officious officer asked if I need privacy as she patted me down…What the heck, It was really the metal buttons on my white pants….. Pat as much as you wish honey..

……..which she did…so much that my trousers fell down almost below my butt as she ran her hands down the legs…. WELL that embarrassed her…. I just laughed…. I had my good knickers on…

Hmm, she'll be a bit more careful next time.

These are my traveling pants….they have a loose waist for plane sitting….

I bought a bagel that I later found was not fit for consumption…. I drank my coffee strong relishing each mouth full and managed to get off a few emails.

Little rock to Dallas….. Dallas to California.  I worked all the way, wrote and drew….

I had 40 minutes to get from one terminal to another… But in reality it was really only 10 minutes and I walked up to the gate with heart pounding and walked straight onto the aircraft.

Will my luggage arrive the same time as I do?

YES it did. I'm safe and comfy in Orange County California.

Who said being a traveling quilter was easy…..

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  1. peggy says:

    Pam, glad you are in CA safely. Don’t you find it oddly unerie when you wake up and have this sense that you should not be someplace or should not do something but you have no choice? A very strange sensation it is.

  2. I’m just glad you are safe. I don’t think of LA as the “safe place to run to” but if it works, that is all that matters. It’s always good to follow that inner voice.

  3. Chris John says:

    I hope everything is going to be alright for you Pam. It sounds like you have faced a challenge.
    So sad for families who have lost loved ones today.
    Look after yourself.

  4. Naomi in Oregon, USA says:

    I hate having to travel when I have a sense of impending doom. Thankfully you arrived safe and sound.

  5. Sally says:

    Sounded like a very nervewracking time. I don’t even want to imagine what you went through but hope you are able to relax and feel calmer now. Sometimes it’s harder to let go of the feelings afterwards than it was to have the experience.

  6. You did a great job by sharing your experience with all..This will be inspiration for others and I must say waking early morning for me is very bad feeling..You take care and happy to see you safe..

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