You just never know….

It's 4.47 am…. but in Arkansas, its 6.47 and the computer and my body clock are still on that time.

I was just too tired to write the blog last night, I got home from the Beach City Quilters Guild, worked on urgent business and fell into bed, just a little tired.

"Would you like to visit Hoffman Fabrics" said Nancy, Guild host extraordinaire?

"Sure" I said, imagining I was going to a store front.

How wrong I was… we actually went to the factory…. I couldn't believe it and as we walked into the factory my excitement mounted.

On entering the foyer, you are greeted by a fiesta of color, quilts, fabric, and surfboards.

"Surfboards" you say, strange combination, but yes there they are…it seems like a hundred or more placed high on walls, stacked in rows and all proudly polished to a high sheen resting amongst a field of fabric.

I was able to take photos…. and I apologize, that I don't have them to put up today….I left the cord to my camera in the other case, so I will add them tonight.

I learned the history of the company.

Like any story shared, I found it fascinating and the company, begun by Rube Hoffman, a New York textile jobber, in 1924 has become one of our staple quilting textile manufacturers.

I listened with interest at how the Bali Batiks were made… all by hand, all carefully designed and overseen by the Hoffman staff here in California.

We wandered through mountains of rolls of fabric…. you just can't help but run your hands over the bolts… Through the art studio, and I was just fascinated.

So intrigued in fact that I am going again this morning to film before class. Then you can all share in the experience…

How often do we buy fabric with little thought to the  designers, producers and manufacturers…?

What have you made with Hoffman fabric…?

I made American Gothic, for one, and I'm using McKenna Ryan fabric in he Bayeux. What a treat. What an experience.


The guild meeting was packed. I just love seeing how other guilds operated and there is a delightful air of optimism in the group…. hundreds of ladies were there to share the evening… It was just great.

Thanks for the experience.

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Sounds like you back in your element and have recovered from the events of the past few days. I look forward to your Hoffman video.

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