A rip off

Some people….

One of my pet peeves is when I go into a store to buy something significant the male representative treats me like a klutz. You know, I sort of have "gotcha" printed on my forehead.

It's happened many times when I need to purchase photographic equipment (as I did yesterday).

The assistant noted that I wanted to buy a camera lens…I've been researching it for a long time….he showed me a $2000 lens for $600 and then proceeded to go through his spiel to sell me a "gee whizz" non name brand one for $800… I know its worth around $50…..

"try it out"…. so I did..

IMG_7246 This is his eye he insisted I photograph with the super lens….!!!!!

"No I want the one you offered for $600". There was a lot of muttering and then new products bought out…. "No I will take the $600 one"

He packed up the lens, muttering and then at checkout, he muttered give me your visa… but of course before I did I said "Now just what is that price"

"$2300, you know the price"…  "what do you want…. a lens for $600, this is the top of the range lens" The price was inflated and he was totally dishonest… but an unsuspecting woman who went into his store in NY, could be fooled… specially with the $50 lens….

I've been caught before… but no more…

I did buy the lens at D&H a reputable photographic dealer later in the day…..for the correct price….

The man is a bit silly though, I have his complete photo (not just his eye,) and I will send it to the authorities with the information….!!!!

Now here I am, on the bill board in Times Square last night. Blue shirt, white shorts…. photographing myself…

I'm off to London today…. but before that…. I'm going to ground zero.

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  1. peggy says:

    I think it is an outrage also that because we are women they think we are somewhat ignorant. We know how to research an item that we are contemplating purchasing just like men do. We just have to stand up and say no you aren’t going to jerk me around!!!!!!! Good for you Pam!!!!!!

  2. Charmayne says:

    You’ve done “How to create an animal eye.”, “Human Eye” and now you can do ‘The eye of a sneak.’

  3. Pam says:

    What a good idea.!!!

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