The bags are back.

I was awake until 3.00 am, "where on earth are my cases"… I tried to work out how I could re- do 5 years work… how I could re-do the Alphabet.

I took a pill and slept till – late.

I'm sure I added a few more wrinkles to the forehead…I'm gonna have to use my "freeze" cream to get rid of them.

I woke up thinking "well, I just have to get on with it…" I ate my cheerios out of a coffee cup…. finished a little yoghurt and with my camera on my shoulder I walked down the street toward Brick Lane Market….

Plan today was to photograph graffiti.

I think Graffiti has a lot in common with Art Quilts.

Design, expression, definition, personal reflection and deep meaning. Its just done on a wall not on fabric…. BUT you could graffiti on fabric.


Unfortunately the slow internet here doesn't allow me to put up the photos, but I'm shifting to a new hotel in a few days and I can do it then….

I saw things that disturbed me that I wasn't prepared for. People on the side of the road, many of them just had a suitcase and  the few things they had to sell were hung on nails on the wall.

(I have to finish this tomorrow, the internet is rather slow)

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  1. I kept thinking of your Rhino quilt and praying it reached Houston safely. And your alphabet quilt blocks are irreplaceable. Ricci is using one of your techniques for a quilt she is working on. I will have to blog about it as she gets closer to getting it finished. You would be proud.

  2. I knew the baggage fairy would work her magic. Shame she has to put in all that heat stopping stuff.

  3. Pam says:

    Carolyn, I wasn’t too sure…. the online tracking showed no access to the bags, even AA staff thought it was unusual…..
    In fact, they just turned up on the last plane yesterday with no acknowledgment from JFK.
    I’ve had my share of stress in the past week.

  4. Pam says:

    I’ll do that, thanks.

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