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  1. Robyn Kirk says:

    He is totally wonderful this guy Pam. Thank you for showing us.
    Stay safe.
    Robyn Kirk N.Z.

  2. Glenda Hepburn says:

    What an Incredibly skilful way with threads. I enjoy working with embroidery threads in some of my quilts, but this is taking embroidery to the extreme, just amazing, I looked & looked at the portraits. LOVE mum the best. Cheers Glenda

  3. susiesioux says:

    I think they are creepy. I love portraits, done in many mediums. But not these. I don’t find them pleasant at all to look at, no matter the skill at laying on thread.

  4. Pam says:

    Susie, I agree with you on some of them…. others I love…
    I find the technique fascinating though…

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